What You Should Know About the MCat’s Void Exam

For many, the MCat void exam is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see for themselves if they have what it takes to become an aviation mechanic or flight engineer. However, the process is much more complex than just one or two procedures and, as such, can be a lengthy undertaking, especially if the individual undergoing the procedure already has experience in this field. The MCat’s website describes the exam as a “procedure for those with no training” but that may not be entirely true as the MCat will accept any applicant who is at least eighteen years old.

The MCat uses a comprehensive pre-examination that involves the student performing a thorough assessment of their abilities. These assessments help to determine the MCat candidate’s level of expertise in specific areas of aircraft operations, flight procedures and safety and emergency preparedness. The individual’s ability to learn under stress is also evaluated so as to determine the individual’s ability to handle challenges that may occur during their first time in the classroom and the MCat staff will be able to make accommodations if needed.

After all of these assessments and a written essay are completed by the candidate, the MCat offers the student a final examination. This final examination requires the student to perform specific tasks in a laboratory. The procedure helps the MCat staff determine whether the candidate meets the requirements of their program and whether or not the student will meet the requirements for the next level.

At this point, the MCat will review the results from the MCat void exam along with the candidate’s written and physical descriptions to determine whether or not they meet the MCat requirements. This review process is done in conjunction with the FAA’s requirements so that every student who desires to become an aircraft mechanic or flight engineer at the MCat’s school must meet all of the MCat’s requirements and be able to demonstrate their skills to pass the final examination.

The Cat’s void test consists of a twenty-five-question quiz that is designed to test the candidate’s ability to understand the MCat’s standards of conduct. The test covers the topic areas of air traffic control, aircraft operation, aircraft operations safety and emergency preparedness and maintenance.

When completing the final examination, the student should always take the time to understand the questions and to review the information prior to attempting the test. The test is designed to be easy to comprehend and the MCat staff does its best to make sure the questions are easy to answer even if the student’s answers aren’t correct at first glance. In addition, it is expected that every student take the time to write a detailed explanation of their answers on paper and provide their own references as they discuss the topic areas they wish to discuss in their essay.

Completing the final examination is not an instant process. It is often completed within a two-day period and typically takes around eight hours to complete depending on the student’s overall knowledge and understanding of the MCat. The MCat’s website does not state a specific deadline as to when the final examination must be completed but most candidates believe that it should be completed at least three weeks before their first flight.

As is the case for all pilots, the MCat will require the students to pass the MCat exam before they will allow them to begin taking their first flight in an actual aircraft. Most candidates are required to undergo flight training and the MCat staff will help the student obtain a certificate of completion and will then help them receive pre-flight instructions and receive an evaluation of their suitability for an actual airline pilot position with the airlines they have been applying to.

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