The MCAT or GMAT – And How Long to Take the Test

About the MCAT/GMAT. The Medical College Admission test (MCAT), also known as the GMAT or the MCAS, is a multiple-choice exam intended to evaluate the ability of the applicant to solve complex problems, apply logic to new information, and understand complicated information. Most U.S. accredited medical schools and all Canadian medical schools require students to take MCAT score reports.

It is important for you to know your MCAT duration because it influences the selection criteria for your admission into the medical school of your choice. For example, if you pass the first part of the exam, you have a good chance to pass the second part which is also a critical part of the exam.

What does the medical school admission test have to do with the duration of the course? If you have a shorter MCAT duration, your chances of success may be lower compared to a longer duration student.

How long will it take for me to take the medical college admission test? There is no exact answer to that question because each student is different. The length of your MCAT or GMAT will depend on your age, whether you are male or female, what your academic record is, your race, your ethnicity, your past performance, whether you are a native English speaker and if you have a working family background.

Can I take the MCAT or GMAT abroad? You can take the test overseas if you have completed your residency in a foreign country and if the U.S. embassy has authorized the test.

How about an MCAT preparation class? An MCAT prep class may be helpful but it is not necessary to take one.

Is there any other way for me to pass the MCAT or GMAT? If you are not sure, then it is better to just take the test and try again. It may give you a better result than taking no MCAT or GMAT. at all.

How long should I wait before I submit my MCAT or GMAT for college admission? It is best to wait a minimum of two years to take your MCAT or GMAT so that you can submit the score reports.

When can I apply for a medical school in the U.S.? You should contact the Medical College Admission Council (MCAC) of the United States as early as possible. This is because they accept applicants up until a year before the admission deadline of the medical school that you plan to attend.

How can I apply online to U.S. universities? The easiest way is to go to the United States’ National Student Clearinghouse, also known as the NASSC.

How many medical schools are there in the U.S.? There are around 300 U.S. medical schools and many of them accept international students.

When can I attend the medical school? You can attend the medical school as long as you want.

Can I apply to more than one of these medical schools? Yes, but you can only apply to one of them. So, you need to select and apply to one at a time.

Are there other countries where medical schools are located? Yes, there are other countries around the world that accept foreign students as well.

I want to find out the medical schools in the U.S. Can I do this?

When is the MCAT or GMAT or AP Exam? The exam lasts for two hours and it usually takes about an hour to complete.

Do the medical schools accept international students from other countries? Medical schools accept students from other countries if they have agreements with accredited by the American Association of Medical Colleges and Universities (AAMC).

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